IXORAA is one of the very few business enterprises in India who have successfully integrated and launched virtual CV for Clients using the latest CLOUD technology.
BFSIOperations & SupportsShared Services & CaptivesIT & E-CommerceAnalytics


Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) is an industry term for companies that provide a range of such financial products/services such as universal banks.

BFSI usually comprises commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, pensions funds, mutual funds and other smaller financial entities.

Our dedicated team for BFSI comprises of people who have technical as well as practical exposure and network across the financial sector that one can hold.

Our core practice specialties cover all major sectors and functions in the financial landscape

Asset Management | Insurance and Reinsurance
Financial services infrastructure
Investment Banking
Global Markets (CMTS-FICC-GCM-ICG)

Operations & Supports

Our team has catered to specific need for Operational and support function for various verticals across industry. We cover almost all the functions:

  • CFO & Financial Controllers
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Strategy and Corporate Planning
  • Taxation and Regulatory Reporting
  • Trade, Cash, Custody, Treasury & Broking Operations
  • AML and KYC
  • Product Control and Middle office
  • Risk – Operations, Credit & Market
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities Management and Corporate Services (CRES)
  • Marketing and Brand Campaign Specialist.

Shared Services & Captives

India is one of the most mature global sourcing destination with the widest range of options. It has maintained its leadership position despite constant challenges from emerging destinations. Continuous movement up the maturity curve has made India home to captives of diverse set of companies. Our team has delivered assignment end to end for CoE and various Captive units including their leadership level hiring.

  • Investment Banking Operations
  • Investment Management operations
  • Finance Centre of Excellence
  • Global Research (IB, Equities, Fixed Income & Quant)
  • Financial Planning & Analysis/Management Reporting
  • Decision Support Management
  • Statutory/Regulatory Reporting| Internal Control
  • Product Control & Other Middle Office Work(in Investment Banking)
  • Transitions & Migrations
  • Process Excellence/Change Management/Transformation
  • Accounting to Reporting |Purchase to Pay (P2P)|Order to Cash (O2C) Statutory and Taxation |Treasury
  • Hire To Retire (H2R) |- Source to Settle (S2S)|- Record to Report (R2R)|

IT & E-Commerce


Technology companies today are experiencing tremendous challenges and fundamental change. Our clients are part of the evolving business landscape and turn to our practised group to help them face many important issues, including: globalization, emerging and converging technologies, identifying new sources of revenue and most importantly, talent management and retention.






Over the last two decades, rising internet and mobile phone penetration has changed the way we communicate and do business.E-commerce is relatively a novel concept. It is, at present, heavily leaning on the internet and mobile phone revolution to fundamentally alter the way businesses reach their customers. While in countries such as the US and China, e-commerce has taken significant strides to achieve sales of over 150 billion USD in revenue, the industry in India is, still at its infancy.However over the past few years, the sector has grown by almost 35% CAGR from 3.8 billion USD in 2009 to an estimated 12.6 billion USD in 2013:-

Programming Languages
Web Technologies
IDEs, build tools
Source Control
Project Management and tracking tools
Mobile Technologies


Ixoraa has delivered exclusively on Analytics and Risk Management leadership talent hiring cutting across the industry sectors. Our clients can always leverage us to do a required research on current analytics ecosystem, hire interim management assets , industry experienced person to authenticate analytics strategy. We cater to anything remotely related to analytics that gives our client the much required edge on strategic talent acquisition and execution of analytics based projects.