IXORAA is one of the very few business enterprises in India who have successfully integrated and launched virtual CV for Clients using the latest CLOUD technology.

Executive Search

Executive Search or headhunting, is a specialised recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions in organizations. We provide comprehensive search services, including creating skill matrices, ensuring grade equivalency, and conducting competency mapping for optimal candidate selection.

Contingent Recruitment

We meet ongoing recruitment needs through a multi-level approach, utilizing in-house databases, channel partners, field sourcing, market mapping, referrals, and walk-in drives. Our specialized recruiters, supported by advanced technology, expertly handle vertical-specific demands to ensure successful mandate delivery and client satisfaction. At IXORAA, we recognize the critical role of human resources in business success and strive to find competent candidates who contribute to our clients’ long-term success.

Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO)

As a strategic business partner, Ixoraa designs and manages the recruiting process for clients with complex and evolving needs, enabling scalable project solutions. Our competency-based practices and policies ensure operational flexibility and practical execution. Additionally, we have introduced the innovative concept of Virtual Resumes to enhance turnaround time and expedite screening processes.

Start Up-Hiring “Workforce Solution for Start Ups:

For start-ups to thrive, having the right team at the right time is crucial. However, start-ups often face challenges in talent acquisition due to their focus on strategic solutions and limited hiring expertise. IXORAA addresses this by providing comprehensive support beyond workforce consultancy, ensuring start-ups can scale efficiently. Our services include:

    • Brand Selling for Start-ups
    • Dedicated Hiring Teams for Start-ups
    • Market Research for Viability Assessment
    • Compensation Analysis
    • Apt Talent Acquisition
    • Just-In-Time (JIT) Recruitment

What we offer to our patrons ?

Selective RPO

Management of distinct recruiting processes within your organization.

End-to-End RPO

Management of the entire recruiting process from ideating to on boarding.

Project RPO

Management of the entire recruiting process and short & Mid -term resource hiring.

Assessment & Coaching

IXORAA offers a range of assessment techniques for both new employee selection and existing employee development. Our executive coaching team specializes in utilizing and providing feedback on globally recognized tools for 360-degree competency, cognitive and personality assessments, emotional intelligence, values, and learning styles. Key assessment tools at IXORAA include:

  • Competency-Based Interviews
  • Technical & Mechanical Comprehension Tests
  • Managerial Scenario Tests
  • Detailed Assessment & Development Centers

Organizational Development Intervention Programs

Ixoraa’s OD intervention programs are designed to enhance our clients’ capacity for change and improve their effectiveness. Using science-based methodologies, we develop, improve, and reinforce strategies, structures, and processes. Each program is customized from the ground up, based on a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, to ensure a streamlined approach to Change Management.

Transformational Learning Programs

IXORAA designs tailored Transformational Learning Programs that inspire participants through engagement with customers, leading companies, organizations, experts, and thought leaders. These interactions help address specific business issues and opportunities, fostering innovative thinking. Participants enhance their leadership potential, build cross-organizational and external networks, and improve team effectiveness.